Without One-Stop, I most definitely would not be going to my dream school—Tufts! In fact, I probably wouldn’t have even applied there. Seriously, without the support and guidance of One-Stop, I never would have discovered my top school—whoo-hoo! Thank you. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to guide me through this stressful college process.

Besides helping me form a rigorous and achievable schedule, write a bunch of essays, and other customary college counsel-y things, One-Stop helped me make the best out of my high school years, while also enjoying them! Who would’ve known college counselors could do that?! Laurie encouraged me to take not only the most rigorous course schedule, but she also helped me discern my passions and interests so that I could take classes I truly liked. I was guided to dive deeper into my activities and hobbies I loved, while also discovering opportunities to pursue new programs, awards, and scholarships.

Initially, I thought I’d only receive some sage college advice and humbling statistics; however, I quickly found that the One-Stop experience is so much more than that. I was taught how to advertise myself and write a strong resume, and I learned how to conduct myself in interviews through mock interview prep. I became adept at emailing adults professionally, and I improved my writing through intensive and personal essay reviews. I bumped my SAT score up, took advantage of various opportunities, got outside my comfort zone, fixed my incorrect “highschool” spelling, learned how to use a semicolon, and other good stuff like that. Essays were written, colleges applied, and several life skills happily learned—which I think is pretty great!
Not only helping me succeed in high school and with college acceptances, Laurie & Co. also set me up quite soundly for my future, goals, career, and other daunting life words I used to think were so scary as a young high school freshman. But now, as a rising college freshman, I feel confidently more assured and optimistic thanks to One-Stop. Thanks, One-Stop!