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five star review

Rice University, Class of 2026 – PARENT & STUDENT

Parent: My wife and I were over the moon when we heard our daughter got her ED acceptance. We would like to thank you for your great guidance and help in this long journey. Since her 9th grade, you have been guiding her step by step, helping her to realize her potential, build a strong CV through carefully chosen extracurricular activities, and work with her to select a list of colleges that fit her personal interests and academic goals. Furthermore, you performed several rounds of review on her essays, which greatly helped my daughter to deepen her understanding on each topic of supplement essays, and I have to say that she wouldn’t have been able to do it without your insight and great advice. We appreciate all of your effort that prepares my daughter for her future! Student: Thank you so much, Matt and Laurie, for all of your guidance and support throughout the college application process! From the activities & honors list to my common app and supplemental essays, I would be left in the dark without the extensive edits and feedback I was given. I am thrilled to be attending my top-choice university, and I am eternally grateful for One-Stop’s help every step of the way!

University of Notre Dame, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

Matt and Laurie have been an invaluable asset through the college admissions process, providing great insight on different schools and the factors they look for in admitting students. They have a great breadth of knowledge about all-things college and are extremely experienced in guiding students. As long as you put in the work, take your own initiative, and follow their advice, you should be well-poised to attend a highly-selective college or university of your choice.

Harvard University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

I got in!!!! Thank you so much for everything!

Emory University, Class of 2026 – PARENT

Thank you so much for your guidance, support and encouragement throughout the college application process. We are still in shock that our daughter got accepted and will go to her dream school next year!

Connecticut College, Class of 2026 – PARENT

We wanted to express our gratitude to Matt and Laurie for giving us the support and insight into the college process. The key to our success was beginning in freshman year; it set us on the right track from the beginning. The resources you provided, from testing advice, to choosing the best colleges that suited our daughter's strengths, goals and wishes truly decreased the stress of this daunting process. The almost daily emails with advice and opportunities, gave her the ability to expand her resume and keep us on track. The individualized care helped us identify the best institution suited for our daughter. She’s going to the school of her choice, with an enormous merit scholarship. Words can’t express how grateful we are. You care so much and work so hard to provide the best experience at such an overwhelming time. We took none of it for granted. It’s not just a job for you, and that really shows! I can’t imagine that there is a better college counseling company out there! Really. Thank you so very much.

Northeastern University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

So excited that I was accepted into my Early Decision school tonight. THANK YOU, Matt and Laurie for all the help you’ve given me over the last four year. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Muhlenberg College, Class of 2026, Shankweiler Scholar & Presidential Merit Scholarship – PARENT

The moment we met, we knew One-Stop was the right partner for us to work with for our son’s college application process! So much has changed since we went through the process 30 years ago, and One-Stop was there every step of the way - no stone unturned, no question left unanswered. Their knowledge and detail-oriented methodical process provided us the guidance we needed. Most importantly, One-Stop identified key areas that our son needed to focus upon academically to maximize his chances for college admissions and merit scholarships, for which we are forever indebted.

Brandeis University, Class of 2026 – PARENT & STUDENT

Parent: We were new to the U.S. college application process. The resources and guidance provided by Laurie and Matt helped our son feel prepared, from testing strategy to college lists, and essays to interviews. Thanks to their patience, structured approach, and lots of gentle nudging, he was ultimately spoilt for choice with a long list of great-fit college acceptances. Thank you for making it such an enjoyable learning process for me as well! Student: Laurie and Matt’s invaluable suggestions and feedback on my essays, suggestions on potential colleges, and overall guidance helped me be accepted into almost all of the colleges I applied to! I am very grateful for all of the assistance Laurie and Matt have provided me along the way. Thank you for all your help!

Columbia University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

I am unable to express how grateful I am for your help and guidance through the last two years, and I’m glad that we are able to witness this moment together.

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

I just wanted to let you know I have committed to Vanderbilt! I was awarded the Cornelius Vanderbilt Merit Scholarship (full tuition) Thanks so much for all your help throughout this process!

Emory University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

I got into Emory!!!! Thank you for everything over the last four years from my essays to the challenging interview I encountered. I truly appreciate it.

McGill University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

Thank you so much! I am so grateful for everything you have done for me!

Lehigh University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

Matthew and Laurie, I appreciate all the help you both have given me throughout this process and I just want to say thank you!

Boston University, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

Thank you so much for your help over the past year, Laurie & Matt. I really appreciate it! I can't say thanks enough!

University of Notre Dame, Class of 2026 – STUDENT

The college process is long and hard and absolutely draining, but One-Stop College Counseling made it manageable, time-efficient, and more bearable than it would have been going through this process on my own. There are so many ins and outs of the college application process and ways to impress college admissions officers that I never would have known about had I not used One-Stop College Counseling. Through deadlines for when certain aspects of the application needed to be complete, notifications about cool educational programs and awards, and in-depth essay revisions, One-Stop College Counseling improved my application tremendously, and I was ultimately accepted into my dream school! I could not have done it without them. They constantly challenged me to do my best, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

University of Virginia, Class of 2025 – PARENT & STUDENT

Parent: When we started to look for colleges for our son, we didn’t know where to start because neither I nor my wife went to school here in the US. We talked to some of our friends for guidance. We quickly realized that the college admission process is very complicated. We were so overwhelmed with the entire process. Then we were referred to One-Stop College Counselling by one of our friends. And I can tell you that it was the best decision we made for our son. Laurie and Matt really understood the personality and potential of our son. They guided him so well throughout the whole process. They made it look so easy. They helped him make a strong CV. They guided us to make the final list of the colleges. They prepared him for an interview. Our son was able to apply and was accepted in ED at UVA- the college of his choice. We couldn’t be prouder of him, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Laurie and Matt. Thank You Very Much!! Student: Laurie and Matt, thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me throughout the college admission process! At first, it seemed exceptionally complicated, but you were able to meticulously guide me every single step of the way–from planning out my high school schedule, to helping me find the schools that would best fit me, to perfecting my essays. I got accepted Early Decision into the University of Virginia, and I certainly couldn’t have done it without you!

Brown University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Thank you for all your help with getting into Brown! From my college list to high school course selections to extracurricular activities, Laurie made sure I was on the right track every step of the way. I truly appreciate all the rounds of feedback on my essays, through which Laurie helped me craft my application in a way that I never could have done myself. I’m so excited to go off to college and I’m grateful for all One-Stop’s guidance and support.

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Thank you for EVERYTHING, One-Stop! I just paid my deposit to my first-choice college and I can’t wait until August to move to Philadelphia.

Duke University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Thank you so much for all your help, One-Stop. I had so many wonderful choices that the final decision was almost (but not quite) harder than completing all the applications. I’m excited to start college and see what the next four years will bring. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Northeastern, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Thank you, Matt & Laurie, for helping me navigate this college process. Knowing that I had people to guide me and help edit my essays alleviated the tremendous pressure and stress caused by my college applications. Thank you again for your patience and dedication in making sure I did my best work! I was accepted ED with the Dean’s Scholarship!

Cornell University – Class of 2025 – STUDENT

I just submitted my enrollment deposit. It was a really tough decision among my choices, but I feel good about my choice! Thank you so much for all your help and working with me. I sincerely appreciate all of your information, guidance, and care.

Tufts University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Laurie & Matt, I GOT INTO TUFTS!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! I can’t wait for next year!!

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2025 – PARENT

My son got into Vanderbilt, his first choice!!! What a great Christmas gift! We could have not been where we are without Laurie! Her knowledge of colleges and high schools is extensive and thorough! What college is looking for what kind of students? How colleges view individual high schools? ASK Laurie, she knows them all!!! She pays attention to every detail about my child! She knows how to mentor a not too driven but capable student! She knows when to push and when to encourage! She is also a parents’ mentor! She made me realize what to expect in the whole process! She is always responsive! Whenever you have a question, she answers it right away! She is HONEST! She NEVER sugar coats anything. When she tells me there is a chance, it pretty much is the way it is! I can’t shut up about how resourceful, capable, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Laurie is! If you want to maximize the opportunity of your kid getting into his or her dream school, Laurie is the choice, not of the choices, but the ONLY choice! I had wasted time and money before I found the real deal—Laurie!!!!

Wake Forest, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

One-Stop made me so prepared for the college process! Starting with the worksheets Laurie gives out for your first college visit, you know exactly what to look for in terms of size, spirit, atmosphere, etc. She makes sure that you have a final college list by the end of your junior year, with a perfect mix of likely, target, reach schools. She makes sure to keep you on top of deadlines with essays and interviews. Her interview prep was very helpful. I felt prepared and knew everything that I would possibly need to know about potential awkward or difficult questions. With college essays, Laurie makes sure that every word on the page belongs there. A long and tedious process for sure, but my essays were much improved in terms of flow, grammatical errors, and content. She was a major help with this whole process and was a large help in getting me into my Early Decision school. In comparison to my friends, I felt much more prepared because One-Stop covers everything from the activity list to random but very important statistics regarding the college process. She makes sure everything is done early and done well. I am very happy to have had Laurie lead me in this long and frustrating process!

Oxford College/Emory University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

I am overjoyed to say that I will be going to Oxford College at Emory next year. Words can’t begin to express my gratitude for all your help.

Tufts University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

I just shared the good news …I got in! THANK you very much, Laurie & Matt, for all the hardworking and tremendous help!!!

NYU, Stern School of Business, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Great news — I was accepted to Stern today! Thank you, Laurie and Matt for your continued support and work for me, even when I haven’t been the most responsible student. Thank you so much for your continued help!

Villanova University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Laurie & Matt, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me over the years, I’ll never forget all of the wonderful opportunities made possible through you and One- Stop.

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2025 – STUDENT & PARENT

STUDENT: GOT INTO VANDERBILT! Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this process. I can genuinely say I would not be going to my dream school if it was not for all of your hard work and the many, MANY hours that went into helping me craft the perfect application. Laurie is responsive, honest, and always extremely helpful. I really appreciate everything you did for me! PARENT: No matter how educated or well-versed you believe you are with respect to college admissions, One-Stop will increase your child’s chance of acceptance to an elite school from a mere possibility to a substantial likelihood. Your child’s great grades and scores, even if valedictorian and 1600 SAT, will rarely be sufficient to ensure acceptance. We chose One-Stop for our child, because they helped shape our daughter’s application so well, while also preparing her to enter college ready to succeed. In addition to being accepted into her college via Early Decision, they taught her email etiquette, improved her writing skills, and helped her mature. We never imagined how extensive their service could be-couldn’t be happier!

University of California, Berkeley Class of 2025 – STUDENT

Laurie and Matt were great college counselors! They helped me find many activities that I loved being a part of throughout high school, and made the college application process much easier for me. Super excited to be joining UC Berkeley in the fall and I couldn’t have done it without their guidance! Thank you, Laurie and Matt for all your help!

Case Western Reserve University, Class of 2025 – PARENT

We contacted One-Stop looking for someone who could guide us through the whole college admission process. Laurie and Matt were great help throughout the journey. They spent time understanding our daughter’s aspirations and counseled our daughter on which classes to take each year and her options for summer activities. They provided a lot of tips on preparing her resume for college admission, preparation for standardized tests and preparing college essays. One-Stop helped with reminders to ensure adherence to the college application deadlines. The mock interviews for her alumni interview went a long way toward boosting her confidence. And then One-Stop helped us weigh in our options towards making the final decision. We appreciate the help and guidance we received. Thank you, Laurie and Matt!

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