Thank you, Laurie and Matthew, for all your guidance! As the first child in my family to go through the college admissions process, we knew very little about what to expect, and of the tidbits we thought we knew, most of them turned out to be misguided and unfounded rumors. I can’t thank you enough for being patient with my family and me as you answered all the questions we had about the process and clarified all that we thought we knew. More than that, I can’t thank you enough for amplifying my voice rather than replacing it. Your meticulous guidance through the essay-writing part of the process exemplified that, but even from the start, by giving me the encouragement I needed to explore my values and passions without feeling like I was behind or doing something wrong, I never felt forced to do something that was contrary to my identity. And, because of all your help, I couldn’t feel better, not only about being able to attend one of my top-choice universities, but also about myself and my future beyond college.