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Some of our early results for this year’s Class of 2025:

Parent: When we started to look for colleges for our son, we didn’t know where to start because neither I nor my wife went to school here in the US. We talked to some of our friends for guidance. We quickly realized that the college admission process is very complicated. We were so overwhelmed with the entire process. Then we were referred to One-Stop College Counseling by one of our friends. And I can tell you that it was the best decision we made for our son.

Laurie and Matt really understood the personality and potential of our son. They guided him so well throughout the whole process. They made it look so easy. They helped him make a strong CV. They guided us to make the final list of the colleges. They prepared him for an interview. Our son was able to apply and was accepted in ED at UVA- the college of his choice. We couldn’t be prouder of him, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Laurie and Matt. Thank You Very Much!!

Student: Laurie and Matt, thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me throughout the college admission process! At first, it seemed exceptionally complicated, but you were able to meticulously guide me every single step of the way–from planning out my high school schedule, to helping me find the schools that would best fit me, to perfecting my essays. I got accepted Early Decision into the University of Virginia, and I certainly couldn’t have done it without you!

– University of Virginia, Class of 2025

I got in! I’m going to Brown. So excited!
Thank you so much for all your help—you really made this process a lot easier.

– Brown University, Class of 2025

Thank you for EVERYTHING, One-Stop! I just paid my deposit to my first-choice college and I can’t wait until August to move to Philadelphia.

– University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2025

Thank you so much for all your help, One-Stop. I had so many wonderful choices that the final decision was almost (but not quite) harder than completing all the applications. I’m excited to start college and see what the next four years will bring. I couldn’t have done it without you!

– Duke University, Class of 2025

Thank you, Matt & Laurie, for helping me navigate this college process. Knowing that I had people to guide me and help edit my essays alleviated the tremendous pressure and stress caused by my college applications. Thank you again for your patience and dedication in making sure I did my best work! I was accepted ED with the Dean’s Scholarship!

– Northeastern, Class of 2025

Laurie & Matt, I GOT INTO TUFTS!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! I can’t wait for next year!!

– Tufts University, Class of 2025

My son got into Vanderbilt, his first choice!!! What a great Christmas gift! We could have not been where we are without Laurie! Her knowledge of colleges and high schools is extensive and thorough! What college is looking for what kind of students? How colleges view individual high schools? ASK Laurie, she knows them all!!! She pays attention to every detail about my child! She knows how to mentor a not too driven but capable student! She knows when to push and when to encourage! She is also a parents’ mentor! She made me realize what to expect in the whole process!

She is always responsive! Whenever you have a question, she answers it right away! She is HONEST! She NEVER sugar coats anything. When she tells me there is a chance, it pretty much is the way it is!

I can’t shut up about how resourceful, capable, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Laurie is! If you want to maximize the opportunity of your kid getting into his or her dream school, Laurie is the choice, not of the choices, but the ONLY choice! I had wasted time and money before I found the real deal—Laurie!!!!

– Vanderbilt, Class of 2025

One-Stop made me so prepared for the college process! Starting with the worksheets Laurie gives out for your first college visit, you know exactly what to look for in terms of size, spirit, atmosphere, etc. She makes sure that you have a final college list by the end of your junior year, with a perfect mix of likely, target, reach schools. She makes sure to keep you on top of deadlines with essays and interviews. Her interview prep was very helpful. I felt prepared and knew everything that I would possibly need to know about potential awkward or difficult questions. With college essays, Laurie makes sure that every word on the page belongs there. A long and tedious process for sure, but my essays were much improved in terms of flow, grammatical errors, and content. She was a major help with this whole process and was a large help in getting me into my Early Decision school. In comparison to my friends, I felt much more prepared because One-Stop covers everything from the activity list to random but very important statistics regarding the college process. She makes sure everything is done early and done well. I am very happy to have had Laurie lead me in this long and frustrating process!

– Wake Forest, Class of 2025

Thank you for all your help with getting into Brown! From my college list to high school course selections to extracurricular activities, Laurie made sure I was on the right track every step of the way. I truly appreciate all the rounds of feedback on my essays, through which Laurie helped me craft my application in a way that I never could have done myself. I’m so excited to go off to college and I’m grateful for all One-Stop’s guidance and support.

– Brown University, Class of 2025

I just submitted my enrollment deposit. It was a really tough decision among my choices, but I feel good about my choice! Thank you so much for all your help and working with me. I sincerely appreciate all of your information, guidance, and care.

– Cornell Class of 2025

I am overjoyed to say that I will be going to Oxford College at Emory next year. Words can’t begin to express my gratitude for all your help.

– Oxford College/Emory University, Class of 2025

I just shared the good news …I got in! THANK you very much, Laurie & Matt, for all the hardworking and tremendous help!!!

– Tufts University, Class of 2025

He got in! We are absolutely thrilled! Without you this would not have happened, I am sure of that.

– Colorado College, Class of 2025

Great news — I was accepted to Stern today! Thank you, Laurie and Matt for your continued support and work for me, even when I haven’t been the most responsible student. Thank you so much for your continued help and support!

– NYU, Stern School of Business, Class of 2025


Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this process. I can genuinely say I would not be going to my dream school if it was not for all of your hard work and the many, MANY hours that went into helping me craft the perfect application. Laurie is responsive, honest, and always extremely helpful. I really appreciate everything you did for me!

– Vanderbilt, Class of 2025

Laurie & Matt, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me over the years, I’ll never forget all of the wonderful opportunities made possible through you and One- Stop.

– Villanova, Class of 2025

No matter how educated or well-versed you believe you are with respect to college admissions, One-Stop will increase your child’s chance of acceptance to an elite school from a mere possibility to a substantial likelihood. Your child’s great grades and scores, even if valedictorian and 1600 SAT, will rarely be sufficient to ensure acceptance. We chose One-Stop for our child, because they helped shape our daughter’s application so well, while also preparing her to enter college ready to succeed. In addition into being accepted into her college via Early Decision, they taught her email etiquette, improved her writing skills, and helped her mature. We never imagined how extensive their service could be-couldn’t be happier!

– Parents of Vanderbilt student, Class of 2025

Laurie and Matt were great college counselors! They helped me find many activities that I loved being a part of through high school, and made the college application process much easier for me. Super excited to be joining UC Berkeley in the fall and I couldn’t have done it without their guidance! Thank you, Laurie and Matt for all your help!

– University of California, Berkeley Class of 2025

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me throughout the process of searching for and applying to colleges. You have given me great advice and guidance that I will continue to apply in the future. Without your hard work, I would not be in the position I’m in today. I’m excited and optimistic for what the future holds!

– RIT Class of 2025

We contacted One-Stop looking for someone who could guide us through the whole college admission process. Laurie and Matt were great help throughout the journey. They spent time understanding our daughter’s aspirations and counseled our daughter on which classes to take each year and her options for summer activities. They provided a lot of tips on preparing her resume for college admission, preparation for standardized tests and preparing college essays. One-Stop helped with reminders to ensure adherence to the college application deadlines. The mock interviews for her alumni interview went a long way toward boosting her confidence. And then One-Stop helped us weigh in our options towards making the final decision.
We appreciate the help and guidance we received. Thank you, Laurie and Matt!

– Parent of Case Western student, Class of 2025

Three things about Laurie: 1) She’s the reason my son is going to his first choice college. 2) she’s the reason he figured out what his first choice college was in the first place. 3) she’s the reason I didn’t lose my mind during the college application process. Laurie is a tremendous listener and a thoughtful counselor. Her meetings with my son were cheerful and optimistic, while being practical but not pedantic. She broke down the steps for him, made sure every part of the process reflected who he actually is, and was conveyed in a way the school could understand. Laurie spent a huge amount of time giving feedback on the little things, like essay formatting, but also put a lot of thought and gave guidance on the big things, like picking letter writers who knew him as a person, or highlighting activities that were his passion. Meanwhile Laurie was responsive, thoughtful and generous with her time when it came to my questions about the process, and reassuring about it working out in a way where my son would end up matched with the right school, which is exactly what happened.

– Parent of Colorado College student, Class of 2025

Matthew and Laurie, We wanted to express our gratitude for all your guidance and support over these past couple of years. Hard to believe the process is finally over!

– Parent of Emory University student, Class of 2025

Matt & Laurie, I applied to ten schools, and I wasn’t denied anywhere. THANK YOU for all your guidance!

– University of Michigan, Class of 2025

I’m thrilled to let you know that I just committed to Georgia Tech! Thanks for all you’ve done, Laurie & Matthew.

– Georgia Tech, Class of 2025

We couldn’t wait to share our good news with you, Matthew and Laurie. Our daughter was accepted into her first-choice school!

– Rhode Island School of Design, Class of 2025

I met Laurie when my son was a high school senior. Although he had already submitted his applications, we really needed guidance on a number of issues, and Laurie met with us a number of times to help. She was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and understood all aspects of the application process in depth, including the admissions pictures at specific colleges. As a mom, I was very grateful to Laurie for helping my son at a time when he was really struggling. Her advice was great, and in the end my son was admitted to several of his top choice colleges. Thank you Laurie!

– Parent of a Duke University student, Class of 2025

Student: I GOT IN!!!

Thank you once again for your help in making all of this happen!

Parent: I truly appreciate the work you’ve done for us and for our children. You directed their processes so that admissions officers saw their very best selves.  Thank you for your hard work, professionalism and expertise.

-Brown, Class of 2024

Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful advice. You made the process seem less daunting with your countless rounds of editing essays (even after my numerous topic changes), interview prep, helping me write emails to reps, resume and extracurricular advice, and all of your insight into the admissions process. You even knew me well enough to help me pick my early schools and narrow down my college list and supported me throughout my constant back-and-forth. I truly could not have gotten through this process and into my dream school without your guidance and support. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to work harder because you always knew I could do it. I am beyond excited to start Harvard in the fall, and it is all because of you!

-Harvard University, Class of 2024

Matt & Laurie, Just wanted to let you know that (our son) got accepted into his first choice school, Swarthmore. It was a very exciting moment for all of us. The college application is a rough process but we are very lucky to have you. Your guidance and support are greatly appreciated. The knowledge, expertise, and patience you have given to students are much beyond our expectations, which is why we now have our daughter working with you. THANK YOU!

–Parents of a Swarthmore Class of 2024

She got in!  She also got 12k merit per year.  We are so happy!! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for all your help!!

-University of Rochester, Class of 2024

Laurie & Matthew, Thank you for all your support and guidance along the way! Major credit goes to you for helping her navigate through the admission process. We need to celebrate with you! Wishing you a very happy holiday season and new year!

-Carnegie Mellon, Class of 2024

Student: Student: I’m in! I’m in! Future Quaker :)))) thanks so much for all your help!

The feeling is surreal—I got into my dream school! From brainstorming essay topics with me, to providing guidance in regards to high school scheduling, to keeping me on task, Laurie was there every step of the way, relieving stress throughout the process. She is a master of her craft.

Parent: We are so grateful for Laurie and all of her knowledge, insight and guidance! Our daughter is headed to her dream school, and she couldn’t be more thrilled! Through what can be an often overwhelming and stressful process, Laurie kept us calm while continually motivating our daughter to put forth well thought-out and packaged applications. Though we live over 2,000 miles away, working with Laurie was seamless, and we cannot imagine having gone through this process without her.

-University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2024

We are all so happy and relieved about our son’s acceptance to Villanova. What a great early Christmas gift. Thank you!

-Villanova University, Class of 2024

I GOT IN!!!! I’m so excited right now!! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me!

-George Washington University, Class of 2024

Thanks for all you have done for me, Matt & Laurie. You explained everything so clearly and helped me to make sure that my application stood out from all the others. Can’t wait to begin college in the fall!

–Cornell Class of 2024

Student: I GOT IN!!!!! I am also a Presidential Scholar, and I’ll receive $15,000 per year- awesome!!!!! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement throughout this entire process. I truly appreciate it so much, and I am so thankful for your help!

Parent: Thank you for recommending Brandeis and then guiding our daughter through the process. Your expertise and invaluable suggestions definitely helped in achieving this favorable outcome. Our whole family is very grateful to you.

We will surely recommend One Stop CC to our friends so they get the best advice there is, as they go through this rather stressful process.

-Brandeis, Class of 2024

Laurie and Matt, I just learned that I was accepted into UVA! I’m really happy! Thank you for all of your guidance and support through this process!

–UVA Class of 2024

We started working with Laurie a little bit late in the college process, but we were still able to catch up with her help. We were so impressed by Laurie’s ability to communicate easily with teenagers and her valuable insight on the college admission process. Our daughter was awarded two prestigious scholarships at great colleges, and she was also admitted by her dream school, which was a high reach school. Thank you so much, Laurie, well done!

–Parent of University of Notre Dame student, Class of 2024

I still can’t believe I got into Yale! Thank you so much for being an amazing support system for my college application journey. I’ll be forever thankful and impressed by how completely thorough your guidance was–from the all-important essays and extracurriculars down to the details in crafting emails to colleges and asking for recommendations. I can confidently say that you’re the reason I got into my dream college!

–Yale, Class of 2024

Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the process. I’m so excited to be attending Tufts next year!

–Tufts, Class of 2024

I just committed to Michigan! I am so excited. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. It’s the perfect school for me.

–University of Michigan, Class of 2024

Thank you for everything you have done for me, Laurie & Matt. You kept me calm throughout the whole process and were always there to answer my questions. I had a tough choice between three amazing schools at the end, waited until the last minute, and then finally you helped me choose my school. I can’t wait to start college.

–Yale University, Class of 2024

Matthew & Laurie, I wanted to write to thank you for all your guidance. I’m excited to begin my studies at Cornell. It’s the perfect school and environment for me, and I am not sure that I would have ended up there without all that you did for me. I will always appreciate your help.

–Cornell University, Class of 2024

Thank you for all your help, Laurie & Matt. I’m so excited to start college! And my parents and I were so excited about the large merit scholarship.

–Case Western, Class of 2024

Daughter: Thank you so, so much for all of your support throughout this process!! Thanks for believing in my (crazy topic) essay & believing in me, even when I didn’t think I could do it!! I’m so appreciative of everything you guys have done, I couldn’t have done it without you!!! THANK YOU!!! I’m a Blue Devil! p.s. NO MORE ESSAYS 🙂

Parents: Laurie and Matt, last night… tears of joy. Our daughter’s dream came true. She couldn’t have done it without your guidance and advice. Thank you so much for all your help!

-Duke, Class of 2023

Parents: We are so grateful for your help and guidance throughout our daughter’s college application process. We are so thrilled that she got into her dream school. You were always there for her, encouraging her, pushing her and supporting her. The direction you provided was crystal clear; your suggestions were wise and insightful. We can’t thank you enough. Happy Holidays!

Daughter: I can’t believe the college process is over! Thanks to your constant support and motivation, these four years of high school flew by so quickly. From discussing standardized testing to preparing for interviews to finalizing my college list, I definitely couldn’t have done it without your help. And you introduced me to the opportunity that resulted with my applying and to my ED school! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

-Johns Hopkins Class of 2023

I received my official acceptance letter to Muhlenberg and the University of Pennsylvania Dental Medicine School, the 7-year combined program. I also received a huge merit scholarship plus I was placed in the Dana Scholars program! Thank you!

-Muhlenberg/University of Pennsylvania 7-year Bio-Dent program

Working with Matthew and Laurie was definitely one of the best decisions I made during my college application process. Without their help, there were many confusing things that I would’ve struggled with—they really eased my anxieties and guided me through all the necessary steps. They were incredibly patient and helpful through the essay revising and interviewing processes.

I’m so glad I got into my ED school—now I can have more time to relax. Thank you for everything! I really couldn’t have done it without your painstaking efforts to help me achieve my dreams.

-Emory University, Class of 2023

Accepted! Thanks so much for all, Laurie & Matthew, for all your help and advice.

-Carnegie Mellon Class of 2023

We cannot put it in words our joy when we saw the admitted into the class of 2023 in the University Of Chicago portal!!!  Even though we had a son who graduated from college, Laurie still had educated us with so many tips and insights in the admission process. Laurie was a little tough with my daughter with all her deadlines and essay editing, but there is definitely a strong reason behind the scenes to bring out the potential of my child. We are so glad that we had Laurie, her guidance, support and love throughout this complicated process of college application and admissions.

-University of Chicago, Class of 2023

GOT INTO NYU!!! I am extremely thankful for all your help during this difficult process. I am looking forward to my college life next year!

-NYU Class of 2023

Thank you so much for all of your help through this process. We came to the U.S. three years ago and knew nothing about America’s college application process. You probably spent twice the time on my son than on other students. He learned so much from you: the application process, writing essays and emails, and even understanding more about American culture. You have acted more like a caring and patient teacher rather than a counselor. We really appreciate all you did. Thank you so much!

-University of California, Berkeley. Class of 2023

Thanks so much for all the help! I committed today!

-Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2023

I had two goals when I was looking for college counseling. One was to help my child get to a “best fit” school that she would thrive and be happy at. The other was to alleviate the stress of the application process. We are very thankful that we found Laurie, who guided my child in every stage from the right college list to that perfect essay. Laurie kept everything on schedule so I didn’t have to stress over it. I know my child will have a wonderful time at Rice. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!

-Mom of future Rice student, Class of 2023

We’re very happy! We appreciate all your help and guidance. The whole college process is like a minefield where any wrong step puts you out of reach. Thanks for getting him through it intact!

-Dad of future Columbia University Class of 2023

Student: I got into Penn!! Thank you for all your help along the way; I truly couldn’t have done this without you. Penn has been my top choice, so I am still extremely happy. Thank you again for all your work with me.

Parents: Laurie, he is in! Thank you for being at our son’s side along this journey; we feel lucky that we made the right decision three years ago by choosing you!

THANK YOU for all your help, guidance and encouragement along the way. He learned how to make his essays so much better, and his final application surpassed what we could have imagined at the beginning of the process. The college admission process is not easy, and you helped him craft his college list that put him in the best possible position. Your strong push enabled him to meet all the deadlines. You helped him show his best, and that is invaluable! We are particularly touched by your words on the day before colleges announced their decisions. You told him “things tend to work out as they should be”.

Thanks for taking time to relieve his anxiousness as well as ours.

-University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2023

I am so thankful for the One-Stop team for their tireless efforts and personal attention. You made this stressful process much less daunting and confusing. I would not be where I am today without One Stop, and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you for showing me how to put my best foot forward throughout this process! Have an amazing holiday.

-Case Western, Class of 2023

Thanks Matthew and Laurie for all your help in this stressful process. I had many wonderful choices, and I’m so grateful for your guidance throughout. I’ll be sure to keep in touch! I’m looking forward to an amazing four years living the college life!

-Yale Class of 2023

Daughter: I have finally decided on a school and committed this evening. To my own surprise, I chose Muhlenberg. After visiting again today, I truly felt that it was the right place for me. Thank you so, so much for all your help. This was a tough decision, but you had a huge and very positive impact on my choice. I am so glad that Muhlenberg was back in the loop, and you convinced me to give it one more chance.

Parents: Thank you very much for all work you have done for our daughter holding her hand for these years. We appreciate your work and deep knowledge of the college admission process and also readiness to give a good advice!! It was a real pleasure to work with you.

-Muhlenberg, Class of 2023 Awarded Presidential Scholarship

Just committed to Purdue, aerospace honors! I’m finishing high school early for my ten-week NASA internship, then heading right off to college! These next few months and the years afterwards will be filled with adventure, and I’m excited to have such great opportunities ahead. Your guidance made my college process understandable, rewarding, and fun. I couldn’t be more grateful for all your help!

-Purdue, Aerospace Engineering and Honors Program, Class of 2023

I was victorious! Thank you for everything!

-Northwestern Class of 2023

Son: Matt and Laurie, I am glad to say that I committed to Boston College yesterday. Thank you to both of you for guiding me and always staying honest with me about where you felt I was lacking. Looking back that was exactly what I needed. Again, thank you for all the help!

Parents: Thank you very much, Matt & Laurie for all the help and guidance you have provided. We are truly grateful for your support and keeping our son honest along the way. We are so proud of his accomplishments and his acceptance at Boston College. It would have been difficult and stressful for us to follow the entire college application without your tremendous help. We will definitely recommend your services to friends and family.

-Boston College, Class of 2023

Parent: With her strong academic background and her Educational Planner Certification, we knew that Laurie was familiar with the ins and outs of the admissions process. When my child needed guidance on course selections, summer activities, volunteering, and most of all, the college application process, she replied quickly and always gave clear directions, great suggestions, and encouragement. She erased so much confusion and frustration. Our family trusts Laurie; we are so satisfied with her guidance and help!

Student: Laurie- Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support; I couldn’t have gotten into my top choice, ED school without you! You always provide the most trustworthy advice, along with keeping me on track with the tons of supplemental essays that I had to write. From preparing me for interviews to suggesting new colleges to apply to that I hadn’t considered before, you have truly simplified the college admissions process for me! I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve provided in the past 2 years—I’m eternally grateful. 🙂

-Brandeis, Class of 2023

Mom: Our experience with One-Stop has been phenomenal! We are truly very grateful to you all for all your help. Matt and Laurie are so sincere!! I would highly recommend anyone seeking college advice to contact One-Stop. Thanking you all with a very grateful heart.

Son: Thank you so much for all of your help in the last couple years. You’ve not only help me grow as a person, but enlightened me in so many different aspects of life that I can’t even explain how grateful I am for. I hope we can keep in touch!

-Rutgers University, Honors College/Presidential Scholarship

I just logged in; I got in!!!! So happy!!!! Thank you, Laurie, for being there for me during the entire college application process. You advised me and my family about things we weren’t even aware of and offered great advice regarding my essays, activities and much more! You really helped me figure out what type of school would most likely fit my needs and personality, and I got in! I appreciate your patience and never-ending support. I am so happy to be going to my first-choice school!

-Lehigh University Class of 2023

Transfer student: My first go around with college applications was somewhat of a disaster. (I didn’t hire a college consultant) I had applied to ten schools, and only got into two of them – neither of which I was excited to attend. Just before the start of my freshman year, my family and I reached out to One-Stop for advice on transferring for the spring semester. Laurie advised us that transferring in the middle of freshman year is extremely difficult, especially for the selective schools I was aiming for.

We pressed forward, and with Laurie’s guidance throughout the application process, I was accepted into all six highly competitive liberal arts schools I applied to! It was a complete turnaround from my experience last year, and would not have been possible without Laurie!

-Very Happy Student, Claremont McKenna College

Mom: We are so ecstatic and thrilled! M&T… the world-renowned program at Penn? We couldn’t believe the good news at first!  You are the best Laurie!  Without your guide, patience, and well-crafted tips, this would have never happened.

Son: Laurie is an expert at her craft: air-tight essays, expert knowledge of the college process, and lightning fast, well-researched replies to any questions are all part of the package. She pushes hard, but with a purpose. Laurie’s steadfast guidance, attention to detail, and tenacity to make me the best person I can be has not only opened the doors to one of the world’s best institutions, but has also made my four years at high school a rich and memorable one.

– Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2022

One Stop provided amazing services for me and my family. It was reassuring to have someone I could always consult with to figure out what I wanted in a college, to learn the technical skills necessary for applying (like interviews and essay help), and finally for the emotional support. I feel like I was exposed to so many more resources and opportunities that helped make me a stronger candidate for college, and at the end of the process, I had many amazing options that I’m incredibly grateful for. For me, I felt confident going into the college process with One-Stop. I’m truly grateful for all the help!

-Princeton University, Class of 2022


It’s been an extremely long and tiring process, but IT’S NOW OVER!

Words cannot express how much I want to thank you. You’ve been there for me throughout it all, answering my questions, editing my essays, and giving me everything I needed to accomplish what I just did.

Without you, I don’t know where I would be.


– Rice University, Class of 2022

You are truly the Weingarten “Dream Team” – I can’t thank you enough! I really appreciate all the time you spent with me, and you took so much stress out of this rigorous process. You helped me perfect my applications, and although the process was exhausting, I couldn’t be happier! I only hoped to be admitted into one of my favorite schools; I never expected acceptance into multiple Ivy Leagues, MIT, and various other highly selective colleges. I can’t wait to begin my journey. Thanks again for everything!

-Stanford, Class of 2022

Mom: Tonight, I cried happy and thankful tears ❤️❤️

My son went through a lot this year, and I am so proud of him.

I learned a lot through this process.

What a gift for Christmas for me and my kids.

Thank you for all the things that you did for us, One-Stop.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!!

Son: I got in! Thank you so much for your guidance and help. Couldn’t have done it without you. I am so happy.

-Case Western Student, Class of 2022


Laurie – I still can’t believe I’m going to Brown! Thank you for all of your guidance and support. You kept me on track and motivated during the tiring and tedious parts of this process (i.e. the seemingly-never-ending edits of my essays). I’m grateful that I had your expertise as a college counselor, and I appreciate the above-and-beyond effort with which you worked to help me achieve my goal.


The college admissions process has changed so much since we were in high school. To make matters worse, everyone has an opinion and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. We sought out Laurie because we needed someone we could trust who would put our child’s best interests first. And that’s exactly what we got. Laurie kept our child on track throughout the entire process and was there to offer answers as needed. (Things in college admissions seem to change on a daily basis and it was clear Laurie was on top of it all!) But I would say the most invaluable part of working with her is that she tells you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Laurie – it was a decision that resulted in our child being admitted to his Early Decision school!

– Brown University Class of 2022

When I opened my acceptance letter, I could not believe my eyes. It may have been one of the happiest moments of my life. And I could not have achieved this without the help of Matthew and Laurie. I think that the best part of working with One-Stop is their diligence and persistence. For each highly selective college that I applied to, they made sure that the essays were perfect. When I thought that I was done, after one edit, I ended up going through a dozen. Their constant drive for perfection may have been the tipping point in my applications, and I was accepted into many schools, including my top choice. I cannot thank them enough.

-University of Pennsylvania Class of 2022

Matthew and Laurie, I wanted to thank you for the support you gave to our son during the college application process.  He was accepted to so many of the schools to which he applied, and he has chosen to attend the University of Miami. We are thrilled with his decision, and we appreciate the guidance and advice you gave to him during the stressful application process.

-University of Miami (business school), Class of 2022

When my oldest son was in 10th grade, I knew that I was going to need help figuring out the whole college process. I was recommended to Laurie by a close friend who said she did an excellent job with his son. Although the fee was more than I expected, it was definitely 100% worth it! Aside from being insanely knowledgeable on almost every single college in the US, Laurie became invested in my child’s success and in getting him admitted into a college that would be a good fit for him. She worked very diligently with my son and enforced the things I always tried to tell him (Teens don’t always listen to parents!) to do in the application process. She was firm when he was lazy, but always let him know that she was on his side. When we walked into her office, I was wondering if he would get into any school – and in the end, he was accepted into all 12 of the colleges he applied to! Thank you for everything, Laurie, we couldn’t have done it without you!

-One Very Happy Parent!

I got in! Thank you for everything, Matthew and Laurie!

– Washington University, Class of 2022

Thank you so much for your interview guidance. I have been admitted to multiple BS/MD programs. However, I contemplated your advice and I decided to go to the University of Virginia as a Jefferson Scholar. This program has a 1.8% acceptance rate and I am the first student from New Jersey to have been admitted to this program in the last three years. With their offer of almost $300,000 and a strong alumni community, I could not turn that down. The preparation also helped me tremendously with the Jefferson Scholarship, as I had to pass three rounds of panel interviews of four to six interviewers!

– UVA, Jefferson Scholars, Class of 2022

I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into Villanova Early Decision for 2022. Thank you for everything that you helped me through, and thank you for the guidance and the advice. I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

– Villanova, Class of 2022

Deciding to work with Laurie was by far one of the best decisions I made in my high school career. I, a first-generation college student, felt lost and overwhelmed when trying to find an ideal school to attend. I wasn’t even if sure what I wanted in a school (Big or Small? Private or Public? Business School or Economics major?) This all changed after my first meeting with Laurie. Immediately, I knew she had my best interest at heart. She guided me in putting together an amazing list of potential colleges and helped me decide which schools weren’t great choices for me. I am ecstatic to say that with Laurie’s help, I was accepted into my top choice school-Lehigh University! I am eternally grateful for all the help Laurie has provided me with. She’s been like a third parent to me 🙂

– Lehigh University, Class of 2022

Thank you so much to Matthew and Laurie at One-Stop!! Even though I started my college process late, you guys helped guide me along the way and allowed me to put my best foot forward! I am so excited to attend UChicago and am grateful for all your insight!!

– University of Chicago, Class of 2022

One-Stop was there every step of the way, and I felt so fortunate to have you by my side. Everyone in the One-Stop family, Laurie, Matthew and Elsie, was so accommodating and helpful. Without our practice interviews, I wouldn’t have been prepared for some of the crazy questions admissions officers threw my way. And without the meticulous essays reviews, I most definitely wouldn’t have received so many positive comments on my essays! I cannot thank you enough for all your tireless efforts to shape me into the best applicant that I could be.

– NYU, Stern School of Business, Class of 2022

Exciting news: I ended up committing to Penn a few days ago–I really enjoyed talking to the professors at Quaker Days, and I think it’ll be a good fit for me. Thanks, Matt & Laurie!

– University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2022

Before coming to One Stop Counseling, I was confused about how to narrow down the hundreds of options to choose from and, most importantly, how to find the school that best fit my personality. Matt and Laurie guided me through the entire process and pushed me to take every  extra step — ranging from standardized testing to essays. I’m very grateful that I had their assistance and support throughout this tedious process, and I’m so excited to attend Rice!

– Rice University, Class of 2022

One-Stop was the best choice I ever made. Laurie helped me with everything, including connecting me with college admission officers to discuss my options. Thank you so much!!!

University of Tampa, Class of 2022Matthew, I was accepted into the University of Michigan! Thanks Matthew, for all your help with my activity list, my many essay drafts, and compiling an impressive group of extra-curricular activities! So excited to be a Wolverine!

– University of Michigan, Class of 2022

Many, many thanks to Laurie! I got admitted to my dream school: Emory University! The college application process is definitely not an easy one. I was so grateful to have Laurie by my side guiding me each step of the way. Laurie always gave her honest opinions and treated me like one of her children. She helped me present my application as strong as it could be. I want to thank Laurie for all the good advice she has given me.

I couldn’t do it without you. Thank you again!!

– Emory University Class of 2022

From the beginning Laurie listened to my input – my ideas and wishes- to help me find the best fit college. The One-Stop process was very thorough and helped me understand what I needed to do to get accepted into my top choice college. I don’t believe it would have worked out as well without Laurie’s help. She went above and beyond what I thought she would do. She even contacted an admission officer on my behalf to explain a special circumstance. Thanks for everything!

– RIT Class of 2022 – Computer Engineering

When Laurie first asked me to come up with my “preliminary list” of colleges, I wasn’t entirely sure of what I was looking for in a school. It wasn’t until she recommended Oxford College/Emory University to me that I visited and fell in love with it. Laurie helped me with scheduling my classes each year, advised me on my extra-curriculars, gave me valuable interviewing tips, and even edited my application essays with me. She pushed me to build an impressive resume and assisted me throughout the process. Without her recommendation, I would never have even thought of applying to the school that ended up becoming my dream school! She gave me insightful advice and made the application process a lot easier than it would have been on my own. I am so excited for next year- thanks to Laurie!

– Oxford College/Emory University, Class of 2022

We would like to thank you for all the help you provided during the admission process. It was really overwhelming for us, and you were able to provide our twin boys with the right advice and direction, including suggestions where each should apply Early Decision. You also helped them realize their strengths and weaknesses. We know that your guidance will help them in planning their college work and their future.

– Happy Parents of Twin Boys, Both Accepted Into Their (Different) ED Colleges as Computer Engineers, Class of 2022

Student: I’m happy to share with you that I have been accepted into Case Western Reserve with a University Scholarship of $25,000 per year. I was admitted into biomedical engineering.   I want to thank you so much for helping me through this process (despite my being far from the ideal student). Without your guidance, I doubt that I would have been able to select from so many great schools with large merit awards. You definitely helped me find a college that is the best fit for me.

Parents: We want to thank you for helping Nathan with the college application process and, in particular, with Case Western.  He was not even planning to apply until you sent that email about Case which prompted him to submit an application; he is now so happy to have received his acceptance.

– Attending Case Western Class of 2022

One-Stop was so helpful with all the aspects of my college application process. They are so knowledgeable and understand the in-and-outs of the application process; One-Stop  helped me stay organized and put my best foot forward during this journey. They were thorough and produced great results for me!”

– Northeastern Class of 2022

Daughter: Good news… I GOT INTO VANDERBILT!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for ALL of your help, Laurie! I could not have done it without you, and you gave us all so much support along the whole way. As I watch my friends face this process alone, it seems so scary. I am so lucky that you were there to give me guidance and push me in the right direction the entire way.  I am ecstatic!  Thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!

Parents: Words can’t express how happy we are! Yesterday was the happiest day of our lives!! Thank you so much for everything! You made it happen. Without your help our daughter couldn’t have done it.

When we started working with you, we were so keen on a 7-year med program just because lots of our friend’s kids did it. After talking to you, we all realized, in our daughter’s situation, how important it is to get a normal four-year degree first and then decide what to do. I think that realization is priceless.

Working with you, we personally learned a lot. You never sugar coated anything. You were very honest in whatever opinion or advice you gave. Never once gave us false hopes. We truly appreciate that aspect of you. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!!

– Vanderbilt Class of 2021

I got into Johns Hopkins!!! Thank you for all the help over the last four years.  My family and I are thrilled!

– Johns Hopkins Class of 2021

I’ve been accepted to MIT, Caltech, U Chicago, Wash U in St. Louis, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Claremont McKenna, …. so many choices! THANK YOU!

– MIT, Class of 2021

I signed up with Laurie a bit late – at the end of junior year, and I needed a lot of guidance choosing my ED/EA schools. She first helped with that and then guided me through the tortuous process of essay writing. We revised it numerous times. She pushed me to do my best at all times. I can’t imagine having gone through this process without Laurie. Now I’ve been accepted into Columbia!!!

– Columbia University Class of 2021

Laurie, you are very special to me. I know you were truly helping me when you were pushing for perfection, because there aren’t many people who would take the time to point out my mistakes like you did! I cannot appreciate your sincere help more. Without your advice, I would have never considered Colgate, and my application (especially my essays!) would never have been so flawless. There were so many steps in this complex process that could have potentially gone wrong, and it was you who made sure that all of my errors are eliminated, in every step and in every way! Every time I had a question, you always replied to my email within 24 hours, even when you were so busy with your other students.  I learned so much from you, not only about the college process, but also in seeing the whole-hearted effort you always put in your work, and you treat your students like your own daughters/sons!! I would recommend you to everyone, because I know you are truly invested in all of your students based on your tremendous help to me, a “1.5 generation” young Chinese immigrant. I am truly lucky to have had you help me throughout my high school career, and I treasure our relationship!!


– Excited to be part of the Colgate Class of 2021

At the beginning of the college search, I had large aspirations but was confused on how to proceed. There was so much information to digest, too many options to choose from, and a multitude of variables to consider. Thankfully, Laurie was able to condense the complex process, guide me and my parents throughout each step of the way and give us her invaluable opinions and knowledge on almost every college related question. Without Laurie, I would not have been accepted into my dream school, and I cannot thank her enough for that.

– W.A. Tufts University, Class of 2021

I am so happy to be attending my dream school and I could not have done it without Laurie. She helped me with every step of the process, from compiling my list of schools based on what was right for my major/personality, to spending a lot of time with me working on my applications and my essays. She pushed me to take that extra step when it came to extracurriculars, and because of her my resume looked that much more impressive. I am so thankful for all of her help and so unbelievably excited about my school!!

– Lehigh University Class of 2021

As this process has come to an end, I really want to thank you for all the hard work you spent to fully prepare me over the last year. Whether it was giving advice on how to write a “killer” personal statement or providing useful tips for my interviews, you made every effort to make sure that everything was taken care of. You are a kind and inspiring mentor who helped me to not only survive the college application madness, but also to learn about myself. I believe you played a major role in my success of getting into Smith College. So… thank you, thank you and thank you!

– Smith College Class of 2021

I have just received a message about my early decision acceptance to Brandeis University, and I got in! Thanks for everything! I couldn’t have done it without you!

– Brandeis Class of 2021

Laurie’s expertise in working with teenagers is invaluable. She excels at leading students through the application process and provides valuable insight into what life at the various schools is really like. She was worth every cent. Our daughter is off to her dream school!

– Ivy League Bound Class of 2021

I was accepted into CMU’s Mellon College of Science! Thank you so much for everything!

– Carnegie Mellon Class of 2021

We just want to thank you again for all the professional advice you provided. Your help played a huge role in our son’s college application. I am not sure if he could have made it without you. We’re so happy to announce that he will be part of the Class of 2021 at Northwestern.

– Northwestern University Class of 2021

We came to meet you back in mid-January because my son had gotten deferred from four of his early action schools, two of which we thought were easy acceptances. After a stressful process, Keith did get accepted to Cornell and plans to enroll. I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help. We were stressed and worried, and you gave us a lot of great tips and things to do.  It all worked out in the end. If I could do it again, we would have come to see you earlier in the process.

I will certainly refer you to my friends who are now going through the process. You were a huge help.

– Proud Mom Cornell Engineering Class of 2021

In December I came to One-Stop having been rejected from the early decision school I was sure I was destined to attend. At that point, I was unsure of my future and how to proceed from the unexpected failure. But instead of shrinking away, you helped me to push forward with confidence and purpose. Never would I have gone down to Texas and visited (and applied to) Rice or even heard of the Olin College of Engineering if it wasn’t for you. My accomplishments are as much as mine as yours. I just want to say thank you so much. I really appreciate it! After a tough decision between Rice and Olin, I chose Olin! So excited to attend my dream school!

– Franklin Olin College of Engineering    Class of 2022

Accepted :^) Thanks for everything! You were incredibly helpful during the college process. You kept me on track for due dates, kept me organized with so much to remember, and most importantly helped me get into my top choice college. You’re so knowledgeable about the college process and gave me such useful tips and information. Thanks again for everything.

– Thrilled to be part of the RPI Class of 2021

A thank you is not enough! Your undying commitment to pairing our daughter with not just a perfect college, but her perfect college was remarkable! What seemed like an insurmountable task of college choices was carefully restructured to meet our daughter’s specifications through your guidance and counsel. With your assistance, our endeavors have paid off and our daughter is on her way to her perfect college, Franklin & Marshall, Class of 2020.

– All our gratitude, Ruth M.

I was accepted into Columbia! Thank you for all of your help and support! You encouraged me each step along the way and helped perfect my application and make it memorable.  Thank you for everything, Laurie – I’ll never forget it.

– Columbia University Class of 2020

A thousand times… thank you, Laurie! Before I met you I was utterly lost. I did not know anything about the college application process and I was putting it off until the last possible second. You gave me the kick in the behind I needed and the drive to apply to all the colleges I applied to. I know that I came to you late in the game, but you took me under your wing and I am forever grateful. Muhlenberg was not on my radar and I probably would not have even applied if it were not for your guidance. I also feel like I matured a lot in the college application process and I learned a lot about myself. Before this whole ordeal I thought I wanted a big city school (like BU).  Now look at me! I’m going to a small liberal arts college, and I am 100% satisfied with my decision and I can truly say that I could not have done it without you!

– Muhlenberg/Drexel 8 year BS/MD medical program

Son: I’m happy to say that I have just been accepted to Princeton University. Thank you so, so much for all of your help!

Mom: He got in to Princeton! Thank you; thank you, for your help, patience, and encouragement!

– Princeton Class of 2020

The college application process is an exciting yet daunting task. Our oldest child started the adventure last year. Since then, it’s been a fun filled roller coaster ride, full of thrill, excitement, and heart-at-throat moments. Looking back, we are glad with our decision to enlist the guidance and support from you, Laurie. Your in-depth knowledge about the process is invaluable. You are like an encyclopedia with answers to countless mundane questions, like a diligent tennis coach providing candid advice, like a tireless cheerleader rallying the exhausted marathon runner all the way through the finish line … Thank you, Laurie!

– Daughter attending Harvard, Class of 2020

Laurie was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the college application process.  She took the time to understand my daughter’s personality and academic abilities which made applying to the right schools all that much easier.  In particular, Laurie’s exceptional ability to edit essays and applications really made a difference for us. She was always extremely honest and helpful at the same time.  My daughter was accepted to 9 of the 11 schools she applied to and received many merit scholarships. We couldn’t be more pleased!

– Heading to the state of Virginia, Class of 2020

The college admissions process is a truly overwhelming endeavor. Before I came to One-Stop College Counseling, it seemed as if I could only influence the general direction and broad strokes of my application, that, in the end, it would all just come down to a roll of the dice. However, Laurie and the others at One-Stop worked tirelessly to help me identify and improve upon the numerous aspects of my application that I did have control over, ones I would not have thought about on my own. This allowed me to maximize my opportunities to present myself in the best light possible. Thank you again for all your help throughout this long and sometimes taxing process.

– T.M.  Harvard Class of 2020

Laurie’s professionalism and experience helped me focus on finding the right college for me.  Laurie got to know who I was and what I was looking for. She was responsive to every email, very knowledgeable and had every answer I needed. Laurie also helped to improve the quality of my essays immensely, teaching me how to write a successful college essay. She was also very good in maintaining communication with my parents.  I would recommend Laurie and her services to any high school student looking to enter the world of competitive college applications. I would not be where I am without her help.

– C. E. Lehigh Class of 2020

Thank you! Thank you for all of your help and support!  Our son worked so hard, and we all appreciate your guidance and advice. This is the ultimate happy ending.

– Harvard Class of 2020

I was just accepted into my early decision, top choice college …it never would have happened without Laurie’s help. The amount of information she knows about the college process is astounding… including the importance of showing demonstrated interest, the order of my common app activity list, and how to answer the difficult questions on interviews- clearly made a huge difference. Laurie helped me stand out in the sea of top students, and I couldn’t be happier.

– University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2020

We recently received the good news that our son has been offered admission in the early decision round into one of the most competitive programs, Life Sciences and Management (LSM), at the University of Pennsylvania (dual degree: Wharton and Arts& Sciences).

Our son is our oldest child, and the whole admission process was totally new to us. Laurie helped us tremendously through every step and made sure that his character and strengths were highlighted. She guided our son in making the right choices for his college list, advised him regarding the interviews, and helped with selecting appropriate essay topics, which then went through multiple edits. Through her extensive knowledge of the colleges as well as the application process, Laurie guided us all and made it possible for our son to get into his dream school as well as the program of his First choice.

Laurie – We really appreciate your expert advice during the entire admission process. Thank you so much

– Parents of a future student at LSM program at the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School of Business & College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2020

When I first came to Laurie, I had no clue about the college application process. Laurie not only helped me understand this process, but also helped me find my dream school. With her by my side, I was able to complete a strong common app and execute a strategic demonstrated interest plan. One of the things that impressed the most about Laurie is that she is extremely thorough in reviewing everything I sent her. Because of One-Stop, I never felt overwhelmed or confused about this process. I’m so thankful and excited to be going off to college, all because of Laurie’s help!

– Washington University in St. Louis Class of 2020

I was just accepted into my early decision, top choice college yesterday, and it never would have happened without Laurie’s help. The amount of information she knows about the college process is astounding. Small aspects I never would have thought to consider- including the importance of showing demonstrated interest, the order of my common app activity list, and how to answer the difficult questions on interviews- clearly made a huge difference. Laurie helped me stand out in the sea of top students, and I couldn’t be happier.

– University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2020

I’m in!  Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited, I wish I could be there now!

– Vassar Class of 2020

I’ve been accepted to Hopkins!! Thank you so much for all the advice and help with my applications. This is definitely a big relief and such an exciting day!

– Johns Hopkins Class of 2020

Daughter: I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Washington University in St. Louis early!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I am so happy!!!!! 🙂

Parents: Thank you so much for all the guidance you have provided. It gave us a complete and realistic perspective. We really, really appreciate it.

– Washington U Class of 2020

My ED school was my dream school, and it was a real reach for me. Truthfully, I was pretty stressed about it. Before I joined One-Stop, I was scared to even think about college. The whole idea frightened me. But Laurie helped me through the application process, one step at a time. Laurie gave me guidance while making sure I had other colleges to fall back on if my reach school didn’t pan out. I couldn’t have done this without her! I’m so excited for next year!

– Future University of Pennsylvania Student, Class of 2020

I just received a letter from Bentley College! I was accepted with a Presidential Scholarship (1/2 tuition) and invited to join the Honors Program. I’ve never been more thankful…Thank you SO SO SO much for caring about my process and helping me!

– Bentley Class of 2020

Asking for Laurie’s help is the best decision we ever made. We have no doubt that Laurie’s guidance, advice, and encouragement was an invaluable part of our son’s successful early application to Brown’s PLME (8 year medical program). Although our son had a nearly perfect GPA, high test scores, and other extraordinary achievements, how could he have distinguished himself from so many other overachieving students during today’s super competitive college admissions process without Laurie’s help? Laurie has crucial insights and experiences with the entire admissions process. We are 100% confident in saying that

Laurie’s way of crafting an application truly works. Without a doubt, she made our son stand out in the eyes of college admissions officers. While holding a student’s hand, Laurie makes sure that both the character and achievements of that student are presented in the best light possible through beautifully crafted essays. She would not stop or give the final “ok” to an essay draft until it was absolutely perfect, according to her very demanding standards. Some of the essays went through over 10 drafts. Laurie was always there; whenever our son had a doubt or question, he would get prompt and meaningful responses. One-Stop College Counseling is unsurpassable.

– Beaming Parents of a Brown student, Class of 2019; Alpert Medical School Class of 2023

We were so excited to learn yesterday that our daughter was accepted into her dream college during the early decision round. Looking back, we feel very fortunate that she had Laurie as her college counselor.  We are so grateful for all of the guidance and support Laurie provided us along the way.  As parents going through the college process with our daughter for the first time, we were tremendously appreciative of her invaluable assistance and advice. Thank you so much for making her another one of your One-Stop success stories. She could not have done it without Laurie.

– Parents of a future student at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019

Laurie Weingarten is the epitome of the knowledgeable expert; she provides tremendous value and is worth every penny! Several years ago she was instrumental in helping our daughter get accepted into her first choice college, and now she has worked her magic with our son! Early on in the process she met with our son to identify his strengths and the areas where he needed to improve. Her guidance was extremely beneficial in other ways too: in helping us to figure out the types of colleges where he would thrive, and then in coaching us on how to best represent his positive attributes. She advised us to apply early decision as a strategy for increasing our chances of acceptance to his first choice college. It was a reach for him, but with strong essays, effective positioning of his extracurricular activities, and the demonstrated interest he showed in the school…he was successful!  He was accepted right before the winter break, making the holiday extra special for our entire family. Our son said that day was the happiest day of his life…a day we will always remember.

Without Laurie’s honesty, her guidance, and her extensive knowledge of colleges and the application process, our son might still be dealing with the ongoing stress of the college admission process. Laurie’s help and expertise was simply beyond compare!

– D.J. – Northern NJ, Class of 2019

I had my son Timothy join One-Stop three years ago. At that time, I had no idea how the college application process worked.  Thank you, One-Stop for guiding my son through these years of college preparations!  My son has now been successfully accepted by RPI with a Medal merit scholarship of $87, 200! Thanks again for Laurie’s professional services; I will recommend One-Stop to everyone.

– Parent of an RPI Medalist, Class of 2019

Laurie took my dream school, which was also my reach school, and put it within my grasp. Before I was a One-Stop client, the college process looked extremely daunting and unmanageable – I was content with putting it off as long as possible. But with Laurie’s careful organization, ability to keep her clients informed and on schedule, and extensive knowledge of the college application and admission processes,

she took my fears and, pushed them away. I will now able to attend my dream school in the fall, and I owe a lot to Laurie and One-Stop for that.

– Future Student, University of Pennsylvania, Seven-Year Bio-Dental Program, Class of 2022

Laurie helped me in so many ways. Before beginning the actual college application process, Laurie assisted me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses. We worked well together to fix areas where there was room for improvement, while emphasizing and showcasing my best attributes. Not only was I accepted into my first choice college in the early decision round, but I also learned a lot about myself during the process!

– S.Y, Northeastern Class of 2019

Working with someone who knows the ins and outs of college admissions helped me before and during the application process in more ways than I could have imagined. I don’t think that I would have been admitted to my top choice school without One-Stop College Counseling’s help.

– Jennifer from Seattle, WA:  Future Tufts Class of 2019

Laurie knows exactly what the colleges look for throughout the admission process for practically any college in the US. From the moment the kids are on board, she sets a multi-year plan in motion that creates value for the kids in the eyes of the admission office and makes them stand out among other applicant peers.  Her insistence on following the plan and encouragement every step of the way helps the students to set realistic and achievable goals.   Her insightful knowledge and pointers prepared them well, whether it concerns the essay or the interview. All and all, she’s meticulously thorough, wonderfully persistent, and incredibly results-oriented. We know we are in good hands with Laurie.

– Proud parent of future Carnegie Mellon graduate, Class of 2019

We cannot measure your input to our son’s success. Looking back, the whole college application process would have driven us insane…thank you so much for “holding our hands” throughout our emotional roller coaster of fear, anxiety and frustration.  His IVY admission was the best present any family could have received!

– Class of 2019

Laurie provided structure and guidance to a process that is known to be frustrating and ambiguous; without her support, my senior year would have been dampened by consistent stress over the college application process. With Laurie by my side, I could easily clarify any misconceptions or find out the best way to handle anything related to college applications. Being able to work with someone so understanding and motivating was an immensely enjoyable experience. She was essential in providing me insight and supervision on how to make my dream college attainable, and she was always there to give me that extra push to reach my goals. Of the many choices I’ve had to make in high school, joining One Stop College Counseling was unquestionably one of my best decisions.

– University of Chicago student, Class of 2019

Since my son is the first born, we never went through the college application process before. We are so glad that we found Laurie. She is very knowledgeable and understands the college process inside and out. She helped my son set up a plan with realistic and achievable goals, and then encouraged him to methodically and consistently follow that plan. For the college essays, Laurie spent a lot of time helping fine tune our son’s writing. We are incredibly grateful for all that she has done for him. Thank you!

– Happy parents of a Carnegie Mellon Student, Class of 2019

I am extremely happy to tell you that I have finally committed to college. I am going to PENN! I could not have been happier with the way everything worked out, and I want to thank you for all of your help along the way. This is one of the best feelings I have ever had, and finally all of the hard work and effort has paid off! Thank you for all of your insight, help, and support, and you truly made this process much easier for me. Go Quakers!

– Future University of Pennsylvania Graduate, Class of 2019

We want to express our deep appreciation for your support to William during this college application process. Compared to other parents who didn’t employ your professional services, we felt lucky that with your guidance, we had better admission options and avoided confusion and stumbles that could have caused so much frustration.

Our biggest advantage from this experience was the reduced friction between William and us, because you were there to cheer us up when we are concerned, to cool us down when he was hot-headed, and to urge him to get his priorities straight when procrastination was always temping. Oh, boys.

Thanks again, and I will tell all the other parents, your service was worth every cent we paid!

– Maggie Z., proud mom of William, B.C. Class of 2019

Now that the college admission process is over for Randall, I wanted to thank you for your extraordinary efforts throughout the process.

The guidance, support and encouragement you gave Randall during the whole admission process was invaluable. I believe that the specific advice you provided to help him differentiate himself from the other applicants was critical to Maryland’s decision.

– Randall’s Dad, University of Maryland Student, Class of 2019

One-Stop has helped me through the college process from start to finish.  The interview advice was invaluable, and after all the essay critiquing, I have no doubt that I am a better writer and a stronger communicator. Whenever I had questions, One-Stop responded with helpful information in a timely manner. I would say that the most valuable thing I gained from this experience is learning that colleges are looking for a student who “stands out” and can contribute something unique to their communities. Thank you, One-Stop, for supporting me along my journey and for giving me the opportunity to be accepted into my top-choice schools, where I feel I can succeed and thrive.

– Ivy League Bound, Class of 2019

The search for a college was a daunting task that I would not have been able to conquer had it not been for Laurie Weingarten. She not only helped me to narrow down the hundreds of choices to fit my personality, scores, and preferences, but also showed me that she cared about my future success. She guided me every step of the way from filling out my Common App to weighing the pros and cons of my top two universities. I was completely clueless about the college process, but with Laurie’s help, I felt like I had insider knowledge. I am very happy to be part of RPI’s class of 2019, I couldn’t have done it without Laurie.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate it.

– Adriann  RPI, Class of 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all Laurie has done for me. Whether it was helping me with my essays, or even guiding me to stay true to myself, I was able to make accurate decisions about where I wanted to apply and what was within my reach. Simply keeping tabs on me was very motivating as well, and I am grateful for all the help One-Stop has given me!

– Future Boston College Student, Class of 2019

Laurie is very knowledgeable, diligent and an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is thorough and does not leave anything to chance. Even though our son has extremely strong credentials, we felt Laurie’s help was invaluable. She teaches skills that are the key to a student’s success in college, workforce and beyond.  We feel fortunate to have found her and now we have a lifetime friend and adviser. We could not have asked for anything better!!!!

– Parents of a future Princeton graduate, Class of 2018

Since I am the eldest child in my family, the college application process was a new and intimidating experience.  Even though I was confident I had the credentials to gain acceptance to the schools I hoped to attend, I was concerned about my ability to present them in such a way that my application would accurately reflect my hard work as a student, volunteer, and community member.  Laurie helped me organize and fine-tune everything I needed to include on my application from the extracurricular activities to the essays. She even turned my attention to a school that I had overlooked in my initial college search. Thanks to her I found my first-choice school and will be attending that school in the fall.

– Member of Cornell University Class of 2018

Laurie is an insider. Because she knows exactly what the admissions officers search for and care about, Laurie can give priceless feedback on the standpoint of a true admissions officer. With her supervision, you will be able to present your best self to the colleges, and that matters.

Even more important, Laurie is like a second mom. She works with each student with care and a concern for the student’s future. With Laurie on my side, I knew I would end up somewhere good, some place where I belong. And that’s exactly what happened.

– Columbia University, Class of 2018

One-Stop College Counseling was incredibly helpful throughout my entire college process. The application process can be intimidating and overwhelming but they helped me through each step and made it easy.  Most importantly, they helped me keep on top of my essays, interviews, and visits. It’s a great program, and I highly recommend it to any high school students.

– Michelle P., UMich’18

Laurie was the most helpful college counselor. Even after decisions came out, she continued to help me strategize and write letters for my top-choice college where I was waitlisted. I am so thankful for all her work, and without her, I would never have been accepted to so many colleges and taken off the waiting list to my top-choice college.

– L. C., University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Class of 2018

Not only did One-Stop help me narrow down my prospective schools, but Laurie also kept me organized amongst a sea of applications and essays. I knew very little about the college application process, and it definitely helped to have someone who was experienced and understood the way it all worked. My chances of getting into Tufts University would be significantly lower if I didn’t work with One-Stop.

– Riya P. Tufts ‘18

Laurie is an invaluable resource to any student attempting to navigate the college admissions process. Her experience and wealth of knowledge enabled me to succeed far beyond my expectations, and I am sure that without her guidance I would not have the privilege of enrolling at an Ivy League university this fall. I am incredibly grateful for all that she has done for me and will recommend her to everyone searching for an independent college admissions counselor.

– A thankful client accepted into five top choices, Class of 2018

When my son was introduced to Laurie, his senior year had just begun. Like many other high school students, he wanted to aim high, but didn’t know what his target schools should be or how he should really prepare for the application process. When I heard of Laurie’s services and accomplishments, I was excited to sign him up right away. My son was initially hesitant because he was not aware of his friends using a private counselor.  Teenagers make judgments by looking at their peers! Actually I discovered later, that many of his classmates did hire a private counselor, but no one talks about it.

We attend at a large public school in central New Jersey. Each counselor is assigned about 250 kids. We wanted more personal attention than they had time to give.

Laurie helped guide my son to find his voice, to mold his story, to polish his sparkle and to shine.  Laurie knows all kids are different, and she knows how to bring out what’s unique and special about each of them.

– Parent of student from Yale University, Class of 2018

Laurie has been a great help to me during the college application process.  She worked with me to create a school program that utilized my artistic abilities while giving back to the community.  She then instructed me on how to communicate to college admission officers to let them know about my project. With Laurie’s help, I believe my application stood out amongst the piles of other applications. I was accepted at all seven of my top choices!

– W.J. Kim, Harvard Class of 2017

My daughter, an “A” student at a top NY high school, didn’t initially use a private college counselor, and she was rejected at almost every college she applied to. She ended up enrolling in the one college that accepted her – it was a bad fit, and she was miserable. Then, through a friend, we heard about the college

counseling services offered by One-Stop. After meeting with Laurie, we knew our daughter was in good hands. Laurie was professional, knowledgeable and organized. Within two months, my daughter got accepted to almost every single school she applied to! Without Laurie’s guidance, my daughter would not have been able to transfer to her top-choice college in the spring of her freshman year. Thank you Laurie!

– Jenny, proud parent of Erica (Smith College, class of 2017)

Laurie Weingarten has been terrific!  The entire college admission process can be such a stressful time, but she approached it simply and logically, one step at a time. She helped my son select colleges, create a standardized testing plan, develop an early action/early decision strategy, prep for interviews, and hone his essay writing skills!  My son has been not only accepted to numerous schools, but has received substantial merit money at some of these schools.  Laurie truly cares about the kids – and she worked hard to get my son into the best possible school while making sure it was the “right fit” for him.

– A. S. Class of 2017

The process of applying to college can be a long and complex one. Ms. Weingarten displayed a very high level of expertise and interpersonal skill in helping to make this process a successful one for my daughter.

With the college interview process, Ms. Weingarten developed role playing scenarios that allowed my daughter to become very comfortable and highly proficient in the interview process.

With essays, Ms. Weingarten showed her where and how to start the process. After each draft, Ms. Weingarten would critique and recommend changes. After many exchanges of ideas, final versions were agreed upon and submitted.

To-date my daughter has heard from five of the colleges she applied to – and has been offered admission into all five, including her first choice, which attests to the abilities of Ms. Weingarten.

– M.F. Old Bridge H.S.

Laurie Weingarten provided invaluable service to our daughter and family in finding the “right school” for her. When we got involved with Laurie, it was at the end of our daughter’s junior year; her course schedule was not something Laurie could influence.  Our daughter had just taken the SAT for the first time in May and had done so-so.  Laurie helped analyze her test taking strengths and weaknesses to develop positive strategies, had her try a practice ACT to see which type of test suited her best, and recommended that she focus all of her time and effort towards the ACT exam.

We needed the most advice in College Admission. Laurie ticked off a number of areas that we might consider receiving support on – determining what to look for in a college, developing a brag sheet, critiquing how to write a unique essay to get noticed, excelling in a one-on-one or group interview, and meeting deadlines for completion of all aspects of the admission process.  We signed up with Laurie to receive all of these assistances.  She helped our daughter find nine schools that were a good “fit” for her, critiqued her three major essays that she had to write, prepared her for a college interview, and acted as task master to ensure she completed each element of the admissions process by the deadlines listed for each school.

Laurie exceeded all of our expectations on her ability to prepare our daughter to apply and receive an early decision acceptance at the college of her dreams.  She is also a master of acting as though our daughter was her only client; when in reality there are a multitude of other students simultaneously receiving assistance.  Through Laurie’s excellent communication skills, insightful

analysis of individual attributes, and an unlimited supply of positive outlook, she singlehandedly provided the catalyst for our daughter to shine slightly brighter amongst all the other stars seeking acceptance into the school of their dreams.

– Debbie and Ron Richard, Proud Parents of a Dickinsonian – Class of 2017

Laurie Weingarten was an incredibly valuable asset for us.  Her insights into which colleges would be most appropriate were very helpful and her outstanding writing ability allowed us to improve our daughter’s essays immeasurably.  Laurie’s knowledge of which of our daughter’s attributes to highlight helped us present our daughter’s capabilities in the best light, increasing her chances of acceptance at her choice schools.  Laurie’s honesty, integrity and the way in which she simplified this difficult application process proved to be extremely beneficial.  We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

– K.D. Somerset County, NJ

Having Laurie as my daughter’s mentor made a big impact in the college application process. Laurie took the time to understand my daughter’s wants and needs, and developed a customized plan to prepare her when she was ready to apply for her colleges of choice. Laurie was always available for us, and responded to our phone calls and emails quickly – never leaving us in the dark! She took extra time on weekends, assisting us on college essays that had aggressive deadlines. Laurie is a mentor who genuinely cares about her clients’ success. We could not have done this without her!

– Jessie M. Fennell

Thank you for your support and guidance with my daughter’s college process. You made us feel at ease and we felt we were in good hands right from the start. You critiqued the essays thoroughly and prompted my daughter to think critically which helped improve her essays to a great extent.  I appreciated your professionalism, patience and dedication; you also demonstrated your commitment to the whole process. I would highly recommend your services to my friends and family.

– Happy Parents of a Lehigh ‘17 bound student