We know how high the stakes are for your college-bound student.

Our Approach

Each student defines success differently; we take the time to get to know every student and focus on his or her specific needs. Our comprehensive counseling begins early by promoting student achievement and fostering success. Later, we turn to their candidacy—the college application process—and use our knowledge to help them select the “best fit” schools for them.

We are experienced educational consultants and active members of the professional organizations that maintain counseling standards across the United States. We remain committed to the ideals of these important organizations. Of note, fewer than 20% of college counselors are members of professional organizations, and only 2% are certified educational planners.

The admission process is always evolving, and even seasoned professionals must work hard to stay informed. Our goal is to ensure families remain current, so that they can make strategic choices. From our perspective, college is not a final destination; it is an early stop along the journey to personal and career fulfillment. In this spirit, we endeavor to help our students select a college where they can thrive. 

Our interactions with students evolve as they move through their high school years. We begin working with students as early as 8th grade, when many families have important questions about choosing a high school and freshman year courses. 

During 9th and 10th grade, we focus initially on a student’s adjustment to their new environment and then on academic and extracurricular exploration and accomplishment. We begin the college selection process in the middle of 11th grade.

Although it’s never too early (or too late) to start college counseling, we encourage students to begin as they enter high school.

Our Process


Grades & course selections

We begin by reviewing cumulative grades and course selections and discuss student progress throughout the year to help foster successful outcomes.


Testing plan

We discuss standardized testing options and personal strengths and preferences, and then we help develop a testing plan.


Extracurricular activities

We promote participation in extracurricular activities and provide extensive feedback; we also share frequent opportunities to help students enhance their activities.


College Resume

We work together to create a college resume (different than a job resume) that clearly depicts student accomplishments and highlights their passions.


Communication Skills

We nurture communication skills throughout our interactions to ensure students are prepared to interact effectively with admission officers and interviewers.


Best-Fit Colleges

We identify best-fit colleges, incorporating academic and social goals and the implications of financial and/or merit aid. We select an appropriate mix of reach, target and likely schools.


Application essays

We explain the purpose of application essays, describe various approaches to writing them, and offer feedback as students endeavor to show admission committees who they are.


Letters of recommendation

We provide guidelines that help students select those teachers who are able to write well-informed and compelling letters of recommendation.


College interviews 

We conduct mock college interviews to help student prepare for and feel confident during the interview process.


College Engagement

We help formulate a college visitation strategy and a focused demonstrated interest plan.


Decision plans

We help students decide whether early action and/or early decision plans represent optimal choices for them.


Final college selection

We guide students during their final college selection process to help them choose their ideal school.


Transition to college

We conclude by offering a transition to college meeting to address issues/concerns/questions to help ensure success over the next four years.

Our Services


  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Annual Planning Meetings

  • Testing Assessment and Plan

  • Preliminary College List Review

  • Essay Brainstorming (Common Application Essay)

  • Interview Prep/Mock Interview

  • Final College List Review

  • College Visitation/Demonstrated Interest Strategy

  • Defer/Waitlist Strategy Meeting (if applicable)

  • Transition to College Meeting


  • Student Portal

  • One-Stop Guidebooks/binders

  • Top-Selling College Guidebooks

  • Writing Grammar/Usage Guide

  • Webinar: Writing Essays

  • Webinar: Interview Preparation

  • Common Application Step-by-Step Guide

  • Comprehensive Summer Activity Program Guide

  • Frequent Updates


  • Strategic Planning/Problem Solving

  • Grade Monitoring & Class Selection

  • Extracurricular Activity Assessments

  • Resume Review & Editing

  • College Correspondence Review & Editing

  • Personal Statement Review & Editing

  • Additional Essays Review & Editing

  • Activity and Honors Lists Review & Editing

  • College List Preparation

  • Other Meeting Preparation

Interview Preparation Package

  • One-Stop, member-only, interview
    webinar and printed reference materials.

  • One-hour college or program-specific mock interview (via Zoom).

  • One-hour interview critique and advice for additional preparation.

  • Additional mock interviews are charged at an hourly rate.

Common Application Essay Package

  • One-Stop, member-only essay webinar and printed reference materials.

  • Sample essays that worked for our students
    One-hour essay topic brainstorming session (via Zoom)

  • Review/edit the Common Application essay until it is ready for submission

  • Additional essays are charged at an hourly rate.

In the midst of so much complexity, we distill what’s most important for your college-bound student.

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