We Are Different!

And here’s why that matters to you.

Our Results

We’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving students gain admission to their top-choice colleges. Our students enter college excited, confident, and well prepared to tackle the challenges ahead!

Our Approach

Each student defines success differently; we get to know every student and focus on their specific needs. Our comprehensive counseling begins early by promoting student achievement and fostering success. Later, we turn to their candidacy—the college application process—and use our knowledge to help them select their “best fit” schools.

Our Process/Services

We begin with an in-depth student assessment to create a comprehensive, strategic plan. We then work one-on-one, with each student, during each step of his or her journey.

Our Resources

We distribute a wide array of curated resources and original content for our members. These include extensive reference materials, instructional videos, an annual summer activity guide, frequent college updates, and university-visit newsletters

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Our Expertise

We are experienced professionals, thought leaders, lecturers, education planners, and organization members. We visit dozens of colleges each year, interact regularly with admission officers, read extensively, and share real-time information with our students.

Our Passion

A student’s success is our success. We work tirelessly to keep our students focused on what’s important. We advise, support, supervise—whatever it takes. We are truly passionate about helping students reach their potential. We care!

Our Commitment

We set high standards, and we provide frequent and candid feedback. We keep students and their families well informed about where they stand at each juncture.