We wanted to express our gratitude to Matt and Laurie for giving us the support and insight into the college process. The key to our success was beginning in freshman year; it set us on the right track from the beginning. The resources you provided, from testing advice, to choosing the best colleges that suited our daughter’s strengths, goals and wishes truly decreased the stress of this daunting process. The almost daily emails with advice and opportunities, gave her the ability to expand her resume and keep us on track. The individualized care helped us identify the best institution suited for our daughter. She’s going to the school of her choice, with an enormous merit scholarship.

Words can’t express how grateful we are. You care so much and work so hard to provide the best experience at such an overwhelming time. We took none of it for granted. It’s not just a job for you, and that really shows! I can’t imagine that there is a better college counseling company out there! Really. Thank you so very much.