The importance of success in this very important college admission endeavor cannot be overstated.  We invested in One-Stop for help navigating the process, gaining an “edge.” By building a relationship with Laurie and Matt, we learned so much along the way. Early Decision is binding and never imagined it was something we would entertain.  But working though the statistics, visiting campuses, and being made aware of merit offerings at each school, our final analysis made Early Decision a clear enhanced opportunity for a college acceptance which “fit our child.”  We not only gained acceptance, but significantly lowered our cost of attendance at a college which would never have been on our radar, if not for One-Stop. Do your family a favor and jump at the opportunity to work with caring counselors Laurie and Matt. Counseling credentials matter in this process, and most importantly, they have the credentials. Having One -Stop oversee and guide your child’s requirements/deadlines allows you to foster an improved relationship with your son/daughter and see them actually enjoy their senior year. Looking back, we will never question the life changing decision we made on behalf of our child.