Parent: My wife and I were over the moon when we heard our daughter got her ED acceptance. We would like to thank you for your great guidance and help in this long journey. Since her 9th grade, you have been guiding her step by step, helping her to realize her potential, build a strong CV through carefully chosen extracurricular activities, and work with her to select a list of colleges that fit her personal interests and academic goals. Furthermore, you performed several rounds of review on her essays, which greatly helped my daughter to deepen her understanding on each topic of supplement essays, and I have to say that she wouldn’t have been able to do it without your insight and great advice.

We appreciate all of your effort that prepares my daughter for her future!

Student: Thank you so much, Matt and Laurie, for all of your guidance and support throughout the college application process! From the activities & honors list to my common app and supplemental essays, I would be left in the dark without the extensive edits and feedback I was given. I am thrilled to be attending my top-choice university, and I am eternally grateful for One-Stop’s help every step of the way!