My son got into Vanderbilt, his first choice!!! What a great Christmas gift! We could have not been where we are without Laurie! Her knowledge of colleges and high schools is extensive and thorough! What college is looking for what kind of students? How colleges view individual high schools? ASK Laurie, she knows them all!!!

She pays attention to every detail about my child! She knows how to mentor a not too driven but capable student! She knows when to push and when to encourage! She is also a parents’ mentor! She made me realize what to expect in the whole process!

She is always responsive! Whenever you have a question, she answers it right away! She is HONEST! She NEVER sugar coats anything. When she tells me there is a chance, it pretty much is the way it is!

I can’t shut up about how resourceful, capable, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Laurie is! If you want to maximize the opportunity of your kid getting into his or her dream school, Laurie is the choice, not of the choices, but the ONLY choice! I had wasted time and money before I found the real deal—Laurie!!!!