One-Stop made me so prepared for the college process! Starting with the worksheets Laurie gives out for your first college visit, you know exactly what to look for in terms of size, spirit, atmosphere, etc. She makes sure that you have a final college list by the end of your junior year, with a perfect mix of likely, target, reach schools. She makes sure to keep you on top of deadlines with essays and interviews. Her interview prep was very helpful. I felt prepared and knew everything that I would possibly need to know about potential awkward or difficult questions. With college essays, Laurie makes sure that every word on the page belongs there. A long and tedious process for sure, but my essays were much improved in terms of flow, grammatical errors, and content. She was a major help with this whole process and was a large help in getting me into my Early Decision school. In comparison to my friends, I felt much more prepared because One-Stop covers everything from the activity list to random but very important statistics regarding the college process. She makes sure everything is done early and done well. I am very happy to have had Laurie lead me in this long and frustrating process!