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five star review

University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Class of 2018 – STUDENT

Laurie was the most helpful college counselor. Even after decisions came out, she continued to help me strategize and write letters for my top-choice college where I was waitlisted. I am so thankful for all her work, and without her, I would never have been accepted to so many colleges and taken off the waiting list to my top-choice college.

Tufts University, Class of 2018 – STUDENT

Not only did One-Stop help me narrow down my prospective schools, but Laurie also kept me organized amongst a sea of applications and essays. I knew very little about the college application process, and it definitely helped to have someone who was experienced and understood the way it all worked. My chances of getting into Tufts University would be significantly lower if I didn’t work with One-Stop.

Princeton University, Class of 2018 – STUDENT

Laurie is an invaluable resource to any student attempting to navigate the college admissions process. Her experience and wealth of knowledge enabled me to succeed far beyond my expectations, and I am sure that without her guidance I would not have the privilege of enrolling at an Ivy League university this fall. I am incredibly grateful for all that she has done for me and will recommend her to everyone searching for an independent college admissions counselor.

Yale University, Class of 2018 – PARENT

When my son was introduced to Laurie, his senior year had just begun. Like many other high school students, he wanted to aim high, but didn’t know what his target schools should be or how he should really prepare for the application process. When I heard of Laurie’s services and accomplishments, I was excited to sign him up right away. My son was initially hesitant because he was not aware of his friends using a private counselor.  Teenagers make judgments by looking at their peers! Actually, I discovered later, that many of his classmates did hire a private counselor, but no one talks about it. We attend at a large public school in central New Jersey. Each counselor is assigned about 250 kids. We wanted more personal attention than they had time to give. Laurie helped guide my son to find his voice, to mold his story, to polish his sparkle and to shine.  Laurie knows all kids are different, and she knows how to bring out what’s unique and special about each of them.

Harvard University, Class of 2017 – STUDENT

Laurie has been a great help to me during the college application process.  She worked with me to create a school program that utilized my artistic abilities while giving back to the community.  She then instructed me on how to communicate to college admission officers to let them know about my project. With Laurie’s help, I believe my application stood out amongst the piles of other applications. I was accepted at all seven of my top choices!

Smith College, Class of 2017 – STUDENT

My daughter, an “A” student at a top NY high school, didn’t initially use a private college counselor, and she was rejected at almost every college she applied to. She ended up enrolling in the one college that accepted her – it was a bad fit, and she was miserable. Then, through a friend, we heard about the college counseling services offered by One-Stop. After meeting with Laurie, we knew our daughter was in good hands. Laurie was professional, knowledgeable and organized. Within two months, my daughter got accepted to almost every single school she applied to! Without Laurie’s guidance, my daughter would not have been able to transfer to her top-choice college in the spring of her freshman year. Thank you, Laurie!

Dickinson College, Class of 2017 – PARENT

Laurie Weingarten provided invaluable service to our daughter and family in finding the “right school” for her. When we got involved with Laurie, it was at the end of our daughter’s junior year; her course schedule was not something Laurie could influence.  Our daughter had just taken the SAT for the first time in May and had done so-so.  Laurie helped analyze her test taking strengths and weaknesses to develop positive strategies, had her try a practice ACT to see which type of test suited her best, and recommended that she focus all of her time and effort towards the ACT exam. We needed the most advice in College Admission. Laurie ticked off a number of areas that we might consider receiving support on – determining what to look for in a college, developing a brag sheet, critiquing how to write a unique essay to get noticed, excelling in a one-on-one or group interview, and meeting deadlines for completion of all aspects of the admission process.  We signed up with Laurie to receive all of these assistances.  She helped our daughter find nine schools that were a good “fit” for her, critiqued her  major essays that she had to write, prepared her for a college interview, and acted as task master to ensure she completed each element of the admissions process by the deadlines listed for each school. Laurie exceeded all of our expectations on her ability to prepare our daughter to apply and receive an early decision acceptance at the college of her dreams.  She is also a master of acting as though our daughter was her only client; when in reality there are a multitude of other students simultaneously receiving assistance.  Through Laurie’s excellent communication skills, insightful analysis of individual attributes, and an unlimited supply of positive outlook, she single handedly provided the catalyst for our daughter to shine slightly brighter amongst all the other stars seeking acceptance into the school of their dreams.

Lehigh University, Class of 17 – PARENT

Thank you for your support and guidance with my daughter’s college process. You made us feel at ease and we felt we were in good hands right from the start. You critiqued the essays thoroughly and prompted my daughter to think critically which helped improve her essays to a great extent.  I appreciated your professionalism, patience and dedication; you also demonstrated your commitment to the whole process. I would highly recommend your services to my friends and family.

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